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The EIFM is an important institution, among other things, in the field of financial education. Within our institution, we have developed programmes that reflect the current situation on the financial markets and are adapted to market expectations. Thanks to the close relationship of our academic professors with corporate and banking institutions, we have been able to adapt to the new requirements in the sector and, above all, to the new knowledge and skills needs of individual companies within EIFM. In the field of financial education, we pride ourselves not only on the quality theoretical training of our students, but we also place emphasis on practical experience and the application of theoretical knowledge in practice.

At the beginning of 2020, in cooperation with banking institutions, we created a study course that focuses not only on financial markets in general, but also on the risks encountered in financial markets and compliance from a financial perspective. A Master’s degree programme focusing on finance is thus essential for anyone aiming to participate in financial institutions. In recent months, these institutions have expressed a clear need for knowledge in this area, which has so far been viewed more from a legal or non-financial perspective. The programme also focuses on compliance programmes, which are not just a matter of theory, but mainly of everyday practical application.

In order to help our students integrate into the professional world, EIFM relies on its system of expert advisory boards, regular contributions from experts in their respective subjects of study who share their knowledge, enthusiasm and skills with the students. The online seminars are no exception, allowing meetings with directors and major players in the field from well-known institutions.

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